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Winter Break Activities

Activities for Winter Break

Winter break is coming up soon and although the fun is centered around Christmas and New Year’s Eve, there is also some downtime that many people don’t know what to do with it! Therefore, I have come up with some fun filler activities that I hope you can try out this winter break!

First, let’s start with activities that you can do anytime, even if you are stuck inside during the cold and snowy weather! One activity is to bake some holiday cookies–or any kind of cookie for that matter! Along with making cookies you can also decorate them! You can jazz them up a little with fun colored icing, sprinkles, or make a shape in the cookie!

Now that you have your cookies made you can also have a movie marathon while eating those delicious cookies! Of course you can binge watch a series of your favorite movie, or watch a variety of holiday movies, to get you in the Christmas mood! I personally watch a ton of Christmas favorites including “Elf”, “The Holiday”, and “The Polar Express”!

Next, if you’re stuck at home but isn’t too cold to go outside you can have a little fun with the snow, that’s hopefully there! If you have a group you can start with a snowball fight. However, if it’s just you then you could build a snowman, make snow angels, or go sledding on a nearby hill.

Going along with the theme of snow fun, you could go ice skating or even to a ski resort. Ice skating is a winter must for me as I go every year. There are many places that allow ice skating here in Indiana. No need to worry if you’ve never been ice skating because you can start slow (maybe even use a guider) and then work your way up. I’m still not that good but it is still enjoyable! Or if ice skating isn’t for you, you can try a ski resort. Ski resorts may be a bit of a drive but is super fun! Most places will offer skiing, snowboarding, and snow tubing. I try to go every year, even though that doesn’t always work out. I absolutely love skiing and snow tubing is fun to have some time to relax. However, I have never been snowboarding. Snowboarding is definitely on my to-do list this year though!

A final activity that I enjoy doing anytime of the year is painting pottery! There are various areas that have stores to paint pottery! During the holidays they even have fun themed pottery items that you can paint! It’s a super fun activity for anytime because it allows you personalize your own item. You can even make it match your own decor!

I hope this small list of winter break activities helps make your free-time a little more thrilling!



My Christmas

Christmas and Traditions

Christmas is an all time favorite holiday and is coming up soon! Christmas is such a beautiful holiday with the glistening snow and the many bright lights that decorate the town! Personally Christmas starts the day after Thanksgiving when our family puts up our Christmas tree and we all deck out the house with various decorations, while listening to Christmas music of course!

However, we don’t stop our Christmas fun there! One family tradition that starts on the first of december is our advent calendars! Each year in November my family and I go up to Michigan to a huge Christmas store called Bronner’s where we get many Christmas items, one of which includes our advent calendars. These specific advent calendars have a chocolate and bible verse for each day leading up to Christmas day!

Speaking of our trip to Michigan, we also purchase a special ornament for each of us. We choose our ornaments by something that represented something big that happened that year! For instance, this year I got a radio ornament and had “The Em & Claire Show” painted on it! Along with the advent calendars and our ornaments, we also get a countdown candle and a  twelve days of Christmas coffee countdown!

Besides my Michigan Christmas trip traditions I also have traditions that are closer to Christmas itself! One including my family’s Christmas Eve movie. Every year on Christmas Eve we select a movie to go see together! I remember when we first started this tradition we saw “Elf” in theaters. I believe I was three years old at that time and it was also the first movie I saw in theaters. However, I fidgeted so much and was probably not the most enjoyable child, haha! Another Christmas Eve tradition is to open one present. We usually do this after our Christmas Eve movie, which finishes off the night!

Finally, my Christmas cookie tradition! Ever since my grandma was little we’ve made Christmas sandwich cookies! It is basically a mini cookie that is super light and puffy. In between two mini cookies are the green or red colored icing, thus making a Christmas cookie sandwich! Along with this tasty tradition we also have a process. My mom always rolls the cookie dough and cuts out the circular shape while I roll the cookie in sugar and make the indentations! The process, along with the recipe, has been passed on since I can remember!

All of this tradition talk gets me excited for Christmas! I can’t wait to participate in many traditions, and I hope you are getting just as excited!



The Holidays

Thanksgiving Food Countdown:

Thanksgiving is soon nearing and it happens to be my favorite holiday! I love to celebrate Thanksgiving because I enjoy getting together with all of my family and be able to focus on everything I have to be thankful for! Along with giving thanks to special people and things in my life I also love the food that comes along with Thanksgiving! Therefore, I am about to do my top five must have Thanksgiving foods for 2017. Let’s start with number 5.

Number 5: Turkey

This is probably a Thanksgiving no-brainer! Almost everyone looks forward to having a huge turkey for dinner! I also enjoy having a turkey because I always try to win the “wish bone” of the turkey. Although I’ve never won the wish bone break, I plan on winning that challenge this year!

Number 4: Mashed Potatoes

Potatoes are a general all time favorite, but personally I look forward to those creamy mashed potatoes that makes its way to the table every year!

Number 3: Cornbread Casserole

Cornbread casserole is one of my Thanksgiving favorites because I love the creaminess of the corn. Also anything casserole has to be good, according to me!

Number 2: Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin pie, or any poie for that matter, seems to be a staple for Thanksgiving! Even after you’ve eaten all you can fit in your stomach you always seem to make room for dessert. And why not top it off with warm pie and some chilled whipped cream!

Number 1: Fruit Stuffing

At number one we have fruit stuffing! Many people haven’t heard of this delicious food but it’s my favorite all time Thanksgiving food! For you who have not tried fruit stuffing, it’s basically stuffing but in place of herbs and vegetables there are dried fruits! And oh boy is it so yummy! I definitely help myself to the fruit stuffing multiple times at Thanksgiving dinner!

I hope you enjoyed this list and maybe even got new ideas for foods to have at your own Thanksgiving dinner! Enjoy and have a blessed Thanksgiving!